21st June,2019 : Health ,Fitness and Yoga…


Viddyottam Public School organised a story telling and elocution competition to observe the Health ,Fitness and Yoga day on 21st June, 2019. Both were completely house-wise competitions. Two members from each house participated in each competition. The students took part with great enthusiasm and it was indeed a treat to hear them come out with their unique and fearless points of view.The winners of the competitions are-

Story Telling:-

1st:- Simrin Tamanna(Tagore House)

Nur Rowsan Akhter ( Tagore House)

2nd:- Murshida Mondal (Subhas House)


1st:- Radhika Khatun (Tagore House)

Suhana Mondal ( Vivekananda House)

2nd:- Sabikunnehar Khatun (Subhas House)


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