A Trip to Sericulture

Field trips to local spots of interest can be an educational and enlightening component of a science course. So, to enrich the knowledge about silk worms, their life cycle and their importance in our life, Viddyottam Public school had organized a field trip to Berhampore Central Sericulture Research and Training Institute for the students of class VI-X, on 15th March, 2019.

At 10:50 am we arrived at the entrance of the Sericulture Institute with our energetic 32 students accompanied by 10 teachers. After completing some official formalities at 11:45 am Dr. Sukhabrata Sarkar gave us an informative lecture on “What is Sericulture? ” and some related topics.

Then Mr. Moloy Dafadar accompanied us to the Mulberry plantation area and introduced us to different breeds of it. Later we saw the silk worms for the first time, along with its cocoons of different colours.

After that we stepped into the Reeling and Spinning section and witnessed the processing of Silk fibers from cocoon. We paid a small visit afterwards to the Museum section to learn more about silk and it’s different products.

Finally we thanked everyone for their dedicated assistance in our journey through the different fields and importance of Sericulture.

At 4:00 pm we went to the Berhampore Fair – 2019 for putting a refreshing end to the field trip, that packed with knowledge and enjoyment at the same time.

Author – Mr. Subhajit Mondal (Assistant Teacher,VPS)

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