Principal's Welcome


Welcome to Viddyottam Public School, a school that believes in making a difference in the life of every child we admitThe Fundamental purpose of education is to help students learn. It happens anywhere there are willing learners and engaging teachers.At the heart of education is the relationship between the students and the teachers.
In VPS the teaching and non teaching staff consist of very learned and dedicated individuals, coming from different parts of the country.While firm discipline is maintained , efforts are made to keep the bond between staff and students open and friendly.
We believe that an educator instead of being the “sage on the stage,” should function as a “guide on the side,” In our school, it is imperative for every teacher to be aware of and practice the Teachers’ Code of Ethics.

A child is a unique gift of God to humanity with a bundle of talents hidden inside.  A  teacher  as  a  mentor,  nurturer,  healer  and  an inspirer  polishes  the  various  talents  and  virtues  of  the  child  to  make him  or  her,  a  responsible  citizen  of  the  society .  Children are the future of the nation. So they  should be taught  the  right  values in  life to  develop  the  feeling  of  brotherhood  and  nationalism.

With Regards


Sabbir Kumar Thakuri