Fee Structure

Fee Structure

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one-time, Non-refundable admission fee, becomes payable on acceptance of the admission.

Admission Fees*   
Fee HeadNursery- UKGI-VVI-VIII
Application Form300300300
Admission Fees200023002500
Session Fees100012001500
I-Card and Diary200200200
Hostel AdmissionNA10001000
ClassTuition feesHostel fees(optional)Karate(optional)

All fee and charges are to be paid by cash.
The Tuition Fee includes Morning Drinks and Mid-Day Lunch.
The Hostel Fee(for boarders) includes boarding, food, laundry, routine on-site medical attention.
Expenses such as pocket money, books and stationery, uniform, excursions are not included.

Any instrument/equipment/gadget or books and stationery purchased from/through the school are Non-Returnable and thus Non-Refundable. 

Fee for forthcoming month becomes payable on 1st of every month and may be paid by 7th in full. However, the school also accepts payment of fee in two equal halves, i.e. on Half- Yearly and once a year i.e. on Annual basis.

All fee payments should be made by the due dates as indicated in the respective grade level fee structure.
School reserves the right to revise/amend the Fee Structure.

Penalty, as given below, is levied if fees are not paid on time.
No student, whose fee remains unpaid in full or in part, will be allowed to sit for the Board examination, and until the outstanding fee is received no internal examination results, reports, transfer certificates of recommendations to future schools/colleges will be issued to the student or parent.

If the fees are not paid in accordance with the stipulated date, a fine of 10% of outstanding fee and other dues, per day, will be imposed. Any delay beyond 2 months of the fee becoming due may lead to the name of student being struck off the school rolls. If parents wish their ward to continue, it shall be treated as fresh admission.