General Instructions

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  • Please use latest passport sized coloured photographs of the student, parents or guardian (if applicable) on the designated place of the Application Form.
  • Take print out of the downloaded Application Form  in a clean white A4 sheet paper.
  • Please paste passport sized coloured photographs (must be identical to the uploaded photographs) of the student, parents or guardian on the designated place of the printed Application Form.
  • Direct admission, i.e. admission without transfer certificate shall be made only up to class VIII. If a pupil, who has not previously attended any recognized school, applies for admission to any one of the classes II to VIII,his parent/guardian shall be required to give full history of his previous education and submit an affidavit to the effect that his ward has

    not attended any recognized school till then. He shall also be required to produce a certificate of proof of age as required for class I or affidavit. If the parent /guardian’s statement under this clause is found to contain any wilful misrepresentation of date of birth

    or other facts regarding the pupil’s educational career, the Principal shall cancel the admission and report the matter to the chairman/secretary.

  • A pupil coming from a recognized school will not be admitted to a class higher than the one in which he was studying, except in the case of those who have successfully passed the annual examination of the class in which they had been studying and have been promoted to the next higher class.