Articles to be brought from home for personal Use

  • Two bed-sheet, Two pillow with two covers, one blanket with cover, one mosquito net.
  • One suitcase or small trunk.
  • One pair black shoe.
  • One pair White sports shoes.
  • Socks: Three pair white.
  • One umbrella or Raincoat (for the rainy season).
  • Slipper– 2 pairs
  • Lock and key with chain, Torch Light, Pen 1 (ordinary).
  • One dictionary (Eng-Beng for Bengali medium and Eng-Eng for English medium students).
  • Towel 2 pc.
  • Hair oil- As required
  • Comb – 1 pc.
  • Mirror – 1 pc.
  • Toothpaste –As required .
  • Toothbrush-1 pc
  • Undergarments- 4 sets



No undesirable things or luxury goods or food items or articles like wrist-watch, camera, tape-recorder, CDs, headphone, mobile telephone, cash card, unhealthy magazines etc. are to be brought here.  Also no cash is to be kept with the students.