School Rules

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All the students are to conform to the routine of the School unless they are medically exempted

The Residential Teachers/Staff shall ensure that all students have completed an induction process and that the daily routine is understood and adhered to. Additionally, that the students understand where they should be and why, that they are organised and prepared for their lesson or activity and that supervision of students is appropriate at all times when they are in the Hostel as well as off site during trips and excursions.

  • Activities will be on the basis of requirement and availability.
  • Movie – Not more than once a week.
  • During exams, the weekends will have more time for self studies and preparation, instead of activities.
  • The Evening Study Session will be handled by the residential teachers according to the time table.
  • Morning Study Session will be supervised by the Hostel manager.
  • Students shall line up in the hostel corridor after morning wakeup and for Night Prayer.
  • Bed sheets and pillow covers are to be changed every 3rd day, sleeping mattresses should be kept in sunlight on every weekend.
  • There may be some changes in the routine during winter season.
  • For the any outing Students should be smartly dressed in decent clothes and have to be accompanied by at least two staff members.
  • All safety precautions and measures should be followed during the outing; anything that puts the safety of the children on the line should be avoided.
  • Children should be strictly advised to follow the instructions of the escorts and maintain discipline at all times during the outing.
  • Escorting teacher should remain very vigilant and also ensure that the students don’t misuse the opportunity and money.
  • Boarders can be allowed to watch Cartoons and English news channels on TV during activity time.
  • Boarders shall utilize their free time for washing, cleaning, setting beds, rooms, bookstand for doing laundry.
  • Silence is a virtue and is expected from every resident.
  • Shouting, playing (outdoor games), fighting, Running, making noise or talking loudly inside the hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • It will be the responsibility of the Hostel Teachers to ensure that the routine and discipline is followed and maintained by the students in the hostel. They will also be responsible for the overall Safety and well-being of the residents.
  • Boarders should be encouraged to keep their rooms, areas and the hostel clean and hygienic at all times.
  • Nothing should go inside or outside the hostel without the knowledge of the hostel manager.
  • Any Misbehaviour, maltreatment or contravention by the boarders should be noted down and promptly reported to the Principal’s Office.