Hostel Rules

  • Hostel accommodation shall be available to all enlisted students in class I or above.
  • Accommodation would be provided only after paying the necessary fees and rents as decided by the Institute from time to time. All charges and rents prescribed in the application form or any other documents are subject to change as per the decision of the Institute authorities without prior notice.
  • No student will be permitted to stay in the Hostel without official admission.
  • Allotment of rooms shall be the sole discretion of the Hostel administration, which may allot the rooms either on first-come-first-served or any other basis, depending upon the situation, prevailing factors and objectives e.g. fostering cross-cultural relationships.
  • Inmates shall respect the equal rights of their roommates.
  • In exigencies the Hall Management, without assigning any reason, may shift inmates from one room to another.
  • Day students and other relatives of boarders are not permitted to stay in the Hostel as guests. Entertaining unauthorized guests will lead to severe punishment, which may include a monetary fine and expulsion from the Hostel.  In addition, such cases will be referred to the Institute Disciplinary Committee for further necessary action.
  • If any damage is caused to the Hostel property by the guests, compensation as assessed by the Hostel Management shall be recovered from the host boarder Concerned.
  • Any visitor is allowed enter into the Hostel up to the visitors’ room only. All visitors to the Hostel including the parents/guardians will have to make necessary entries in the Visitors’ Book available at the Hostel entrance with the security guards.
  • The visit of male students to the women’s Hostel and vice versa is allowed up to the Visitors’ Room strictly between 7 am and 9 am only. Violation of this rule will lead to severe penalty and punishment as decided by the Hostel and Institute Authorities.
  • The use of electrical / electro-mechanical equipments, gadgets, appliances, such as electric stove/heaters/iron/refrigerator/infrared cooker, is strictly prohibited by the boarders in or outside the rooms. Private cooking in the rooms or anywhere in the Hostel is strictly forbidden. Any such appliance found in a Hostel room will be confiscated and shall attract both monetary fine and disciplinary action by the Hostel Management.
  • When the boarders go out of their rooms they should switch off all the electrical/electronic appliances, and lock the doors (at all times). Violation of this rule will attract suitable penalty and punishment as decided by the Hostel Management.
  • Discipline should be strictly maintained in the dining hall.
  • Food will not be served in rooms and the inmates are not supposed to take food from the dining hall to their rooms. If an inmate is ill, the Hostel Management will make suitable arrangements for his/her food.
  • Except during vacations, residents shall be allowed to go home only if there is a written request for the same from self /parent/guardian citing genuine grounds and consented by Head of the School he/she belongs. Going home frequently is not permitted.
  • Wasting food is a social crime. For the first offence of wasting food by a boarder, warning will be issued to him/her. If the offence is committed for the second time a fine of Rs.500/- (Rs. five hundred only) will be imposed on him/her. If the concerned boarder is found repeating the mistake, strict disciplinary action shall be taken against him/her.
  1. Boarders should follow the daily routine of the hostel and school as per hostel rules and schedule given in the hostel rules and the time table of the school respectively.
  2. No Boarders will be allowed to stay back in their rooms or in the hostel premises during the schedule provided to them or hostel routine and the school time table.
  3. No Boarder is allowed to keep any type of medicine in his possession without it being prescribed by the Medical Officer.
  4. Attendance /Night roll call will be taken by the respective Wardens at 10.00 p.m. in summer and at 9.30 p.m. in winter.
  5. All the Boarders have to inform their respective wardens regarding any change in their parental/native address if any.
  6. All the Boarders should write a letter to their parents every week it should be handed over to the warden for postage.
  7. No Boarders are allowed to invite day scholar colleagues to the hostel premises for their personal interaction or any other reasons.
  8. No Boarders will be given admission for the next year if he/she fails in the final examination of his class.
  9. No Boarders will be provided any leave or break during the schedule period of the school mentioned in the hostel rules under the leaves rules.
  10. All the Boarders should make their telephone calls as per the telephone schedule.
  11. No visitors will be allowed to meet the hosteller other than during the visiting hours provided in the visiting schedule.
  12. No Boarders are allowed to keep any kind of eatables in their rooms or in their cupboards No hostellers to bring any food (Lunch, Dinner) from outside the school premises.
  13. No Boarders will indulge himself/herself alone or along with other hostellers in any kind of violative activity during the hostel hours or in the school.
  14. No Boarders will even co-operate with the other hostellers/students in any kind of violative activates.
  15. No Boarders will do any kind of act which will disturb the school atmosphere and the school society as a whole.
  16. No Boarders should ever instigate the other students into any sort of indiscipline or any sort of act which will hamper the other students physically or mentally.
  17. No Boarders should disobey or to lend any amount of money from co-hostellers.
  18. No Boarders will take or snatch any money from co-hostellers or from the day boarder by force or by threatening them.
  19. All Boarders should respect each other’s belongings.
  20. No Boarders will behave in a different manner keeping in his mind difference of caste/race or religion.
  21. All the Boarders should respect the religion of the co-hostellers.
  22. All the Boarders should maintain the plants and tress which are in the hostel premises.
  23. No Boarders should possess any kind of sharp articles like knives kirpan sword etc.
  24. No Boarders are allowed to keep their hair long.
  25. No Boarders should disregard his/her seniors and never be aggressive to his/her juniors.
  26. No Boarders should use abusive language while talking to their colleagues.
  27. No Boarders is allowed to keep cellular phone in his possession.
  28. All the Boarders should maintain dress code provided to them in the dress code schedule.
  29. All the Boarders should follow the time schedule provided to them in the hostel rules.
  30. No Boarder is allowed to celebrate birthdays or any other personal occasion.
  31. No Boarder is allowed to make telephone calls except other than the telephone schedule provided to them.
  32. No Boarder will leave the school premises without prior permission from their warden in writing and the same may be given at gate before leaving.

• The Boarding School is closed during holidays.
• For each holiday a deadline is set for when the students have to leave the boarding school and when the students can move back in. The staff will notify students of the closing and the opening of the boarding school.
• Students should strictly return on the day of school reopening after vacations unless special permission has been taken in advance by the HM. Failure to adhere to this will attract disciplinary actions
• A student who is internally gated or debarred from outing is not allowed to leave the campus.
• Leave sanctioned for absence from the Institute does not mean leave from the Hostel. Prior approval of leave from the Hostel must be obtained from the Hostel Warden.
• However a leave might exceptionally be granted provided that a formal written request has been made to the Principal.
• Medical/Dental Leave will be granted by the Headmaster in consultation with school doctor. On return the student should deposit all medical certificates/documents etc. with school doctor.
• Students may be granted leave for marriage of their brothers/sisters and immediate family members (Aunt/Uncle). Leave is not allowed for relatives or distant relatives. The duration of such leave is three days only.
• The Principal will refuse to grant a leave if he considers that the reason is not serious or if another solution can be found.
• He will automatically refuse leave requests made less than three days ahead.
• Boarders must inform the boarding school supervisor if they need medication or a particular medical treatment .
• In case of emergency, the student will be taken immediately to the most appropriate hospital and his/her parents informed.

On Monday through Friday, all resident students must pass room inspection. This basic room inspection requires all students to have their bed made, desks cleared and floor picked up. The purpose of this room inspection is to ensure students have a room that is conducive to studying.

On Saturday morning, all students are expected to pass a more thorough room inspection. During this room inspection, faculty on duty will check to make sure that beds are made, trash is emptied, clothes are picked up, floor is vacuumed, and all drawers are organized. If a student leaves campus for the weekend (goes on pass) his/her room must be cleaned prior to departure.


  • Boarders  are  forbidden  to  take  a  shower  or  a  bath  after  10:30pm.
  • Please note that no visit from one room to another and for any reason is allowed after 10:30pm.
  • Every morning, boarders clean their sink and their room, make their beds and air the room.  When leaving their room, boarders must switch the lights off and close the windows.
  • The boarding school supervisors check the rooms every day. Messy, untidy rooms will not be cleaned by the staff.
  • Whenever his/her bed is not made in the morning, and if his/her room cannot be cleaned, the boarder will be Sanctioned and hence asked to clean it thoroughly him-/her.
  • If  a  boarder  is  caught  a  second  time  not  doing  his/her morning tasks, he/she will be requested to clean all bathrooms and toilets or else on his/her floor and his/her bedroom as well of course.
  • Students will provide the name, phone numbers, address and photographs of the Local Guardian duly acknowledged by their parents at the time of admission whom they could meet during the Hostel specified hours.
  • A Hostel Resident will not    be allowed   to go for night stay or attending any function in the late hours in their local guardians or relatives’ place unless prior approval is taken from the Hostel Warden along with parental consent.
  • Only those persons are allowed to meet the Hostel Residents whose photographs are referred and signed by the parents.
  • After taking the permission of the Principal in advance parents can meet with their Holsters twice in a month. i.e., 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Besides this parents are not allowed to meet with their children on any other day or time.


  • Parents can talk with their children on phone on every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Besides this parents are not allowed to talk to their children on any other day or time.
  • Only those authorized persons can meet with the hostellers whose names are mentioned in the application form. Besides, no one can meet with the hostellers. If he/she wants to meet the hostlers then he/she will have to come with the parents of the hostellers or with one of the person who is mentioned in the application.


  • An attendant from the hostel will be on duly during visiting hours to guide visitors and parents.
  • Outstation parents visiting their wards will have to take special permission from the hostel warden to see their wards on days other than specified for visits.
  • In case of any emergency visits can be arranged with the concerned warden’s permission. One chowkidar will be on duty at their main gate to prohibit hostellers from leaving the school premises. He will keep a record in a register of visitors entering the school premises to see hostel students.