Tree Plantation Drive -Vanmahotsava 2019

“What the tress around you are exhaling,you are inhaling right now,what you are exhaling, the trees are inhaling at this very moment.This transaction is ongoing.Whether you are aware of it or not half of your pulmonary system is hanging up there right now on a tree!”

Van Mahotsav week is observed from 1st July to 7th July 2019 in the school campus.The celebration was
an ideal opportunity to instill the value of social responsibility in the students towards safeguarding
trees and forests and various activities.
Today, on 5 th July, Viddyottam Public School celebrated Van Mahotsav . Today a small cultural as well as
awareness program was organised in the school premises. After that awareness rally was held. Students
were divided into two groups for the awareness rally and tree plantation. Junior section went to Chandrahaat while the senior section went to
Lalbagh ( from B.D.O office to B.S.F. camp). Our students along with the teachers tried to create utmost
awareness among the people.
We hope that an attempt from our side has helped in strengthening the bond between plants and
humans, because the nature and quality of our life is determined by how we keep our atmosphere and our water bodies.

We will live well only when everything is green.everything is beautiful,water is flowing and air is pure.

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